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The Hazelwood Neighborhood Association strives to make Hazelwood an even better and more liveable, family-friendly community, by promoting parks, civic events, and volunteer opportunities for all area residents, employees, and businesses.

2016-05-26 15:52

 Congratulations to Centennial Community Association and all the park advocates who worked to get this funding and make this big East Portland park a reality!  Thanks to years of tireless effort on the part of CCA, EPNO and others, 2,119 households in East Portland will have access to this park within a 15 minute walk of their home, including 357 households who did not previously have access to a walkable park. 

2016-06-29 18:30
Midland Library, 805 SE 122nd Ave.
2016-07-09 13:00
Jade/APANO Multicultural Space - 8114 Southeast Division Street, Portland, OR 97206
2016-07-20 18:00
EPNO 1017 NE 117th
2016-09-19 18:30
EPNO 1017 NE 117th Ave Portland OR 97220
2016-09-21 18:00
EPNO 1017 NE 117th